Winona Ryder by Steven Meisel, 1999


Winona Ryder by Steven Meisel, 1999


Martina Sauter
Two panel C-Print
33 x 17.75 in


Allegory of the Art of Painting, 1670-1675, Jan Vermeer

This is Vermeer’s own tribute to the craft of painting. The model in the painting holds the Muse of History, Clio’s, symbols, while the artist is dressed in historically reminiscent clothing.

There is no known self-portrait by Vermeer other than the artist’s back against us in this painting, apart from a “cameo appearance” in The Procuress.



BBC Radio 4 is lining up 75 leading public figures, including film director Bernardo Bertolucci, singer Paul Weller and novelist Jeanette Winterson, to reveal their most treasured cultural influences for what the station claims will be one of the most comprehensive arts events broadcast.

The network has already confirmed 30 famous names for the project, Cultural Exchange, which will see individuals selecting a single item to talk about, with the choices ranging from the King James Bible to an obscure 1960s album.

It will feature every weekday on Front Row until the end of July.

Artist Tracey Emin will launch the series on 22 April with her insights into a Vermeer painting – Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid (above). She describes Vermeer as “one of the first feminists”, pointing to the unusual and fascinating way he depicted women. “He showed that women had singular thoughts that were away from their husbands,” she says.

Cultural Exchange is part of Radio 4’s renewed focus on the arts ordered by controller Gwyneth Williams a year ago. Williams said she hoped that the project will also draw listeners to her station’s archive, which is being made available on demand for the first time.


René Magritte,  L’Empire des Lumières, 1954

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Boyfriends and GirlfriendsÉric Rohmer, 1987

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